Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Issue with "Crack"

For those of you who personally know me, you already know that my older son Bean has articulation issues, and tends to shorten words. Some days, my Mommy brains worries about whether or not his speech therapy is enough,if I practice with him enough, if he is ever going to overcome this, and all the other endless things you worry about after you become responsible for another living breathing human being.

On other days, after wishing I wore a shirt that says "what that sounds like is not what he is trying to say", I have to find the humor in it. So we get home from speech and the gym and we are in the car and I give Bean some crackers to hold him over before lunch. We get home, go inside and I put him on the couch and take a shower. When I get out the crackers are finished and he is insisting on more.
"Bean no more crackers, I am going to make lunch."
I turn my back to take care of Tadpole ( my 8 month old) and I hear this shaking sound and crumbs dumping everywhere.


I should also mention that Liam is not phased by me freaking out and rather finds it annoying. As I get around the corner to pick this mess up he looks up at me and yells back " I NEED CRACK!" " I NEED CRACK!" " I NEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDDD CRACK!"

"Bean we don't have anymore crackers, we have to go to the store." This idea is unacceptable to my 3 year old crack driven child. He NEEDS crack NOW! My precious little 3 year old son is rummaging through our garbage and screaming how he NEEDS them, like a crack addict. At least today this happened in the privacy of our home but it brought back a very vivid memory of one exciting trip to the food store.

We were walking down the cookie and cracker aisle on a very busy day at the food store. I never before thought about the fact that he refers to crackers as crack. It was just another one of his words he shortens. Then out of no where on the top of his lungs
"Ma Bunny crack" "Ma I NEED crack" " Ma I NEED crack"
I quickly put the crackers in the cart, but that wasn't good enough, no my son didn't just want crackers in the cart. "I WANT CRACK NOW" "MA OPEN THE CRACK"
Everyone is staring at him and one part of me is embarrassed, the other part is wondering how many people think someone needs to call DCF, and this other part of me is thinking I don't remember the last time I've experienced this much excitement shopping for food and I feel blessed to be a Mommy.Pin It

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  1. LOL, Don't worry too much, my almost 6 year old shortens words on purpose and adds an O to the end of words all the time. Part of it may be his issues, but part is probably the age he is.

    I love moments like that. I can usually step outside the embarrassment and revel in the humor of the moment so I'm grateful for that.