Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just put a band-aid on it

I have not been posting because my Mac has been out of service and I have been boycotting using my husband's computer that drives me crazy, but here I am.

Today was eventful, which is typical in our house. We finally had the time to put down the dirt we bought to raise the beds to start our rose garden and clear out the area for our vegetable garden we are about to start. We had everyone outside and mosquito resistant and content. Bean was playing at his water/sand table when he decided he didn't want to play outside anymore. He headed for the sliding door and slipped and slit his head open on some sharp metal edge and there went gardening!

He was screaming, and just like Bean, he decided no one could touch him or look at the gouge in his head. Oh and forget ice,"TOO COLD MOMMY!" So now this knot in his head around this slit is swelling up huge and I can't tell how deep his cut is. Will and I decide he needs to go and have it looked out. Of course I am a little bit concerned, but humor has to be found in these sort of occurrences because they are becoming our norm. Bean overhears us discussing taking him to the doctor and decides he is going to have a say in the matter.

"Mommy I need to talk to you.", "Mommy I need to talk at you."

"What's the matter Bean."

" I don't want to go to the doc, might hurt me."

" I know Bean and you are right it might hurt( I believe in honesty) but we need to go have your boo boo looked at. I will be there with you and I will hold your hand and you are going to be Ok."

Obviously not the answer Bean was looking for

"Daddy I need to talk at you"

" What's the matter Bean?" Will says.

" Daddy I don't want to go to the doc, might hurt me." But this little 3 year old has gotten smarter since talking to Mommy

" I think we should just put a band-aid on it" " That's a good idea."

Well Bean didn't win this one and off to urgent care we went. He was not happy and was very uncooperative even though they wrapped his head with green bandages and gave him a green blow-pop, he was not going to be bribed into any sort of cooperation.

Daily Gratitude

* No stitches for Bean's head
* Amazing cake dropped off by some wonderful lady from our church yesterday evening

Running: I have been running, not as much as I would like but I am greatly improving my speed! Monday evening I ran 4 miles at an avg pace of 8:17 min miles pushing that double jogger. I am taking a break from pull-ups as I pulled something in my shoulder carrying around my 25 pound chunky monkey!

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