Friday, August 3, 2012

Helmet Boy

Tadpole has fallen on his head so many times this past month, that he has been resigned to wearing a bike helmet. Do you see how happy he is about this? 

The first fall, his feet slipped from underneath him in a store with wet floors, and he landed flat on the back of his head. The other day while we were getting ready for the zoo he ran full force into the door frame and hit his temple. If you read the Three Ring Circus post then you know all about the fall at the YMCA pool. I finally lost it when he tripped in the YMCA child watch and once again hit his head.  As a Mom I just cringe every time I hear that thud followed by that delay all kids have before they scream with everything they have in them.

So after all of these falls, I took him to the pediatrician. I had watched him for signs and symptoms of a concussion, but I wanted her to look in his ears and everything and document that I did in fact take him for medical treatment. She insisted I stick him in a helmet for the rest of the month. So be on the lookout for a very unhappy little boy in a dinosaur helmet. 

I took him to the store and let him pick out his helmet but he still  hates it! He pretty much spends the entire time whining "I want this off." "Take it off PLEASE MOMMY!" 
He has figured out how to remove it so I have to tape the clip shut and still I find him with it off.  I completely get the pediatrician's reasoning and had thought about a helmet on my own, only she doesn't live with Tadpole who is now completely miserable. 

Yesterday evening,  I could not take it anymore, I packed the boys up and took them down to the beach. I picked a beach without any rocks and let him run around in the sand. This was the only time he was happy yesterday. FREEDOM!! 

My poor little man's noggin!

Happy Friday Everyone! Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our adventures! 

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