Friday, December 28, 2012

Almost made it out of my twenties...

The first time I  looked into the eyes of Bean, my first child, I had no idea the adventure that was ahead. I have never loved anyone more and my love for my boys just exploded from there. The depths that a mother loves her children were incomprehensible to me until I became a Mother. I feel so blessed to be a Mother, but there are also those days were I find myself wondering "Really... this is how today is going to go.. REALLY????

I had one of these particular "REALLY" moments the other night, when I decided to take both boys down to the pool to swim. It was way too close to bedtime, but with the newness of kindergarten and all of the changes, and wanting to make sure kindergarten didn't equal lack of fun in Bean's brain, we went to the pool anyway. Plus we have been working so hard on his swimming, that I wanted to continue forward with all of his progress. At the pool Bean started complaining about his head hurting really bad. I figured with all the swimming and going underwater, it was a sinus headache and that it would pass. He was screaming and crying and I was trying to pack them all up and get them home.

When we were home, he was complaining less, so I put them both in the tub and bathed them while I was standing in my wet swimsuit. This is how life works as a Mom. After pulling them out of the tub, I left them to put on their pajamas or start to, and I told them I would be back in a minute. All I wanted to do was get out of my wet swimsuit. I went down to my room, undressed and that's when it happened ...

I heard Bean sounding very upset and I ran back down to their room sans clothes. As I walk in I see Bean's face. I can tell he really isn't feeling well, and he starts telling me his stomach hurts, and as I am about to grab his bath towel it happens, vomit, .... all over my naked body.

I was traumatized.  Bean is right at my waist level, and their is vomit GASP all over me.

I was paralyzed for a moment, shocked, and then I didn't even know what to do next. My girl bits have been barfed on, barfed on!

See, I do not drink. I've never been drunk. I have never even attended drunken parties. I avoid vomit as often as I can. As a doula, mother, migraine sufferer, and nursing graduate, this can be difficult. However,  I was seriously convinced I would under no circumstances be thrown up on by a male, and naked NEVER, and six months shy of my thirtieth birthday Bean wanted to make sure I didn't miss out on all the fun. The question next was "WHAT to clean up first?????????????"


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