Sunday, December 16, 2012

Beach Cottage Snowmen and Christmas in Florida

I have lived in South Florida for most of my life, but I still find the concept of wrapping palm trees with Christmas lights and covering lawns with deer, sleigh, and snowmen whilst wearing shorts, odd.  So, I decided this year to decorate my lawn  with beach cottage "snowmen."

They were looking a little bored, so this evening I decided to construct them a surfboard.

 I am not in the mood to write a long blog this evening,  so tomorrow I will post a tutorial on how I created them.

Friday was Bean's 6th birthday, on the inside I was fighting back tears as my heart was so heavy with grief after hearing of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, but like most Mom's I smiled and consumed myself in a 6 year old's  happiness and excitement. I've been pretty numb all weekend. As a mother of two small boys, what these children's parents are going through is unfathomable. Although there are no words that can ease their pain, I pray that that they feel the love, light, thoughts and prayers being sent to them from around the world. I am hopeful that what will remain in our hearts and what we  will focus on are these innocent children and brave women, their lives, and all the good that was brought into this world because of them.

 I made 20 luminaries in honor of these precious children and will put them out each night through Christmas. 

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