Thursday, November 1, 2012

Who Doesn't Want a Nut Wreath?

Well it's November, and after my October,  I promised myself when November started I would go back to my daily gratitude journaling. I used to do this when I first started blogging.  Of course when you make a commitment to change, the struggle of growth comes with it, and today was no exception. I spent more time with tears today, than feeling joyful and full of gratitude. That probably explains why I have been procrastinating with posting. So here it goes. I  might be stretching today but I am doing it  willingly and that is what counts...

I am grateful for my boys, and all the light they shine into my life.

I am grateful for my close friends.

I am grateful for the ability to really feel and  experience life.

I am grateful for the beautiful weather we have been having.

I am grateful that my nut wreath has made it on my front door on November 1st.

The nut wreath I found on Martha Stewart's website (Martha Stewart Nut Wreath). I actually made it last year, as the grocery stores down here don't stock up on unshelled nuts until very close to thanksgiving. I love this wreath. The tutorial says to use hot glue, but the glue doesn't hold the nuts on very well,  so you might want to come up with another idea and please comment and share if you do. Not too sure how many tutorials on Martha Stewart's site, are "approved by Martha Stewart", but it is really easy and I just love talking about my wreath of nuts hanging on my front door.  Who doesn't  want a nut wreath?

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