Thursday, February 12, 2015

Another Conversation in the Car

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Back to those interesting car conversations. In all honesty, this started at bath time last night, but it continued this morning in the car.

Can you make a heart with your fingers? Bean asks Tadpole and I.

"Like this?" as Bean shows us how to do it

I show him my heart shape with my hands.

"That's a Valentine's Day heart, not the shape of a human heart." states Tadpole

"I know. A human heart looks like this." as Bean makes a fist with his hands

I cleverly pull up images of the human heart on my phone, and show them an illustration. I see an actual human heart in my search results and decide to show them this picture as well. I am very passionate about educating my children about their bodies: how their bodies look, how their bodies function, their health, and their responsibility for their health.

"How did they get that heart out of a person?" asked Bean

"well, there are several ways." I start to explain..

"Are they dead?"Bean interjects

And here come more of those hard questions...

"Well, that depends. Sometimes they remove your heart that is unhealthy and give you a new one."

"Where did they get the new one from?" asks Tadpole

"Sometimes when people die, they can donate their organs and save someone else's life. Then they can take out someone's unhealthy heart, hook them up to a machine that pumps their blood for them, and give them a new heart."

"Oh wow." says wide-eyed Bean

When the machine  is pumping blood for the person, is that blood donated, like why we donate blood or their blood?" Bean asks.

"It is their blood, and they use donated blood ,but donated blood is given to people for many different reasons."

"I don't like when we talk about this stuff." Tadpole interrupts

I think I'll save the cadaver story for another time.

What sort of conversations come up in your car?Pin It

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