Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Birthday Happenings

 For all of you that did not know, it is my birthday today, and I had my blog post for today all planned out for a while. The title of this post is supposed to be 32 things. I was hoping to share 32 things about myself with you today,  all organized in chronological order and everything. But, the day had other plans... imagine that for a mom of three littles (don't worry I will post it when I am finished). 

Today, started out with my boys explaining how sick they felt, and how they simply could not go to school.  I quickly realized it was going to me and all three kids all day. 'Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me'  There went every, and all plans I had for today. 

Those little manipulating dictators, lied

Sure Bean's throat is red and swollen, and Tadpole's been having mysterious tummy aches, but before long they were fighting and running around like crazy, which means they would have been fine at school. 

Don't worry, they are adorable and always redeem themselves. They could not wait to give me my gifts this morning. The boys picked them out and wrapped them all on their own. They are the sweetest. I adore them. See how cute they are! 

These are the gifts Bean wrapped for me. Made my heart melt that he put so much effort into making my birthday special! "There wasn't enough paper, so I had to make the blue line, but it is the same color as the walls in your room, your favorite, so I figured it was OK." I love his explanations. Just writing this makes me want to run into his room and cuddle him. I won't be doing that because he is actually asleep in his own bed tonight, and I still have some of my sanity. 

They really started perking up after presents: fighting, playing video games, needing me to help them with everything.

 Do not worry, I got them back, I took them to the pediatrician. 

Only in retrospect,  I think this became more of a punishment for me. While getting ready to leave and I was going to this pediatrician appointment put together no matter what. Besides it being my birthday, and I refuse to go out of the house being completely frumpy, there is a really great story about this particular doctor we were seeing today, that I will share in the very near future.

 Wren had a dirty diaper but I just needed to do a few more things and then I would change her. Dumb mom decision and every seasoned mom knows this. I was just thinking "one more minute, I am almost done". Naturally she sat down on the tile, and her diaper started to leak out the sides. I will spare you the toddler shit details, let's just say I should  have changed her right away. She then decided she needed to breastfeed, right now, because she was tired.  Of course, she fell asleep for her afternoon nap. Of course I had to interrupt  her nap, because of getting in and out of the car. This always makes for a fun day!

 So when we made it inside the pediatrician's office they were done. Wren was shrieking with excitement, sitting on the floor, drinking from her sippy cup and then spitting her water out of her mouth onto the floor, screaming after I took the cup away, and so on. While she was doing her thing, the boys were bugging me to play games while I was trying to answer the medical assistant's questions (did I mention they had books to read), ask over and over when we would be finished, Tadpole asking when it was his turn because only Bean was being seen, and Bean kept complaining about how hungry he was, even though I told him to eat lunch a million times before we left.

For those of you without kids, this is completely normal. Trust me. 

When we arrived home, I was pleasantly greeted with the aroma of my dog, who had gotten sick to his stomach while we were out, because all 7 pounds of him decided it would be a good idea to eat coconut oil that spilt on the floor earlier. Anyone want a smelly old Yorkie?  

I had to frantically get everything cleaned up because I was not canceling the one thing I had planned for myself for my birthday: my at home haircut. 

Only now my home stunk.

So, for those keeping tabs that was shit surprise twice in one day by different species. 

Rock took all three kids shopping while I got my haircut in peace. It is awesome that he now voluntarily takes all three kids places these days and is so relaxed about it. Now that is serious mom porn. If you  spot him in real life, please, please, please do not tell him how amazed you are he is brave enough to do this. No one tells me that crap when I lug them everywhere.  I have worked really hard training him to think this is completely normal for men, as should the rest of you. Instead, snap a picture and show your husband so if he hasn't already he can join the movement.

 My haircut was such a treat, and my hair looks fabulous! 

 Because there wasn't enough excitement for one day, I started getting a complex migraine. Those are always fun. Suddenly my thoughts are all jumbled and I start feeling really sick, and nothing inside my brain is doing what it is supposed to do properly. It is very similar to a stroke. 

 See all of my awesome gifts?! Bean bought me pearl bracelets because he wanted to buy me jewelry.  He is going to be one awesome husband one day. Tadpole gave me Ollie the Octopus and they both picked out paints for me, a sketchbook, and truffles. I am so blessed. 

Luckily I felt well enough to sit down for cake and craziness with my family. Today, like most of my days was hectic, crazy, and all over the place, but I love every minute of it. I asked Rock for a surprise for my birthday. Well, yesterday was surprisING. He told me my surprise is happening on Friday. I will keep you posted. 

 There simply isn't a better birthday gift, than waking up as the Mom of these three beautiful souls. Happy Birthday to me. Oh, and as my present to all of my readers, I finally removed the CAPTCHA from my comments section. Now it is a lot easier to leave love.                           

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