Monday, July 23, 2012

Too Busy for Blogging

Two weeks just flew by and I realized every post I almost sat down to write, didn't happen. I think I must have adult ADD. I don't remember being this bad when I was younger. I have been so busy working on belly casts, stuff for my business, working out, mommy duties, and preparing Bean for his first plane trip for his week vacation at my parents' house that blogging didn't happen. This is what the mornings have looked like and why I really think I have ADD or is this just what happens when you are the mother of two young boys and you stop every 30 seconds in the middle of what you are doing because.... 

"Give me juice" 
The phone rings
"Mommy (fill in the blank  is not sharing the (fill in the blank with anything the other one might have)"
The doorbell
Diaper change
Deciding to respond to the running and screaming occurring in the other room
"Mommy I am hungry"

So this is what it has looked like around here while Rock worked over 126 hours in two weeks. 

The blog I started to write 

The dishes I halfway finished

The ironing I started 

The bedt I began making 

The pile of donation and giveaway items I started collecting 

So I apologize for the hiatus but I am back! 

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