Saturday, July 7, 2012


Recently I created a facebook page for my blog and posted this picture, and maybe because the majority of my following are friends, no one even bothered to ask about the unicorn hat. Not sure what that says about me or my friends. So the story behind the unicorns...

Bean  really likes the movie Despicable Me (see the youtube video below) and so we have listened to the Despicable Me theme song in the car so many times that we all know the words. At the end of the song the little girl is singing "Unicorns I love them, unicorns I love them..." I told Bean that was my favorite part of the song.  

 Fast forward to my birthday and what else do I get, but my awesome unicorn hat and this awesome pink unicorn. 

So when Mother's Day came around, they made sweet little cards in school about their Moms. 

So in case you were ever wondering, I spend my days sitting around playing the flower game on PS3 for my daily sport, hugging my unicorn, and eating all the food I got from my favorite store! The ego in me was like "Wait I never watch TV ever, which is true, and I workout 6 times a week!" More lessons on letting go. I will however be wearing that awesome hat this winter and I most definitely will be saving it to pick him up from middle school 6 years from now! 

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