Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday

Yesterday was Tadpole's 3rd Birthday. I picked my Mom and Bean up from the airport and we had a family party for him. Here are some pictures from his birthday.

 Green balloons for the turtle party Tadpole insisted on

Homemade Turtle paper 

Made a sign for the balloon wreath. See balloon wreath post

Took a short little birthday trip to the zoo. 

Played games together. 

A Happy Birthday Boy

I want a "big chocolate cake"

Brotherly love

So I had this great idea to buy a pinata and let the boys have a blast. I really thought Tadpole would get a huge kick out of this. Was I wrong! He flipped out crying "Don't do it!" "Don't doooo it!" "Please don't hit it Mommy!" I made the birthday boy cry! Bean was so upset there wasn't going to be a pinata at the party!

Happy Birthday Hulk boy!
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