Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birthday Balloon Wreath

I found the tutorial for a balloon wreath on Missy's post over at balloon wreath.  I originally made this wreath for Tadpole's Dr. Seuss 2nd birthday party(one day there will be a post about it). I found my inspiration for the Dr. Seuss wreath over at,  Dr. Seuss balloon wreath

For once, I had thought ahead about the fact that my house is small and decided to make my wreath reusable. Instead of going with his party colors, I did a multicolor balloon wreath that I could re-decorate for birthdays to come. Being on a tight budget means doing everything on my own. Instead of buying all of the adorable printable packages available on etsy, I had to get creative with all the party decorations. To make the sign, I downloaded a free Dr. Seuss font(see cute cat in the hat hats next to his name?), added some scrapbook paper, and there you have it. I also found foam stickers at Michaels of Dr. Seuss books and attached them to the ballons. Next time I will remember to take an up close photo. 

I have hung the wreath on the door for everyone's birthday this year and changed it up a bit. Unfortunately I didn't take pics of them all. My downfall is remembering to take pics! I did remember on Bean's Birthday and this is what I did for his little family party we had this year, as we spent his birthday in Disney. 

The wreath was super easy and inexpensive to make! Now that it has been on the door for everyone's birthday this year, it has become a new tradition in our home. 

I have some great ideas for some other wreaths to celebrate family events. I will be posting them soon. 

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