Saturday, April 3, 2010

Boys, Puddles, and GERMS

I spent all morning working on Blossoming Beginnings (my new endeavor) that I barely made it to the gym before the child care closed for the afternoon. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in something, I forget balance, balance, balance. After we made it back home, I needed to take a shower and a deep breath after Bean gave me an extra cardio work-out by almost running into the parking lot at the gym. I decided to let Bean run through the sprinkler and get rid of some energy. I set Tadpole up in his high chair by the sliding glass door so he could watch his brother. All the observation Tadpole does of Bean is really going to be problematic in the future, more like disastrous. For now it keeps him occupied.
When I peeked through my bedroom window, I saw the image above. The nursing student in me is focused on the dirty, leafy, germ infested puddle that my son is bathing in naked, and the Mama part of me is smiling at all the laughing I am hearing and is so grateful for the peaceful shower that I almost wouldn't care if he was drinking it. Don't freak, I said almost.
Germs took on a whole new meaning in nursing school. I used to touch people all the time teaching yoga. Even... gasp.....feet! Once I was in nursing school, there was no touching without gloves and I must say I am much more squeamish about touching people now. HELLO MRSA, Acinetobacter, C-diff and all the others. If you don't know what I am talking about, don't look it up because for the good of humanity, human touch must prevail.
My microbiology teacher was a childless single man who was obsessed with culturing things. He said to the class "Why do mother's say a little dirt doesn't hurt anyone? " "Have they ever put a little dirt under a mircroscope?" "There is stuff in there that could kill someone!!" Bean was 9 months old at the time, note to self limit dirt exposure ha ha I laugh back at myself now. Keyword here is childless. Has he ever had to pick between a little dirt and 5 minutes of peace? Has he ever sat in a room with a group of three-year-olds and witnessed the amount of snot? I'm going to go with no. If he had children, he would understand why moms say a little dirt never hurt anyone. Besides Dr. Microbiology man, why would any little boy choose to run around in the clean sprinkler water when there is an AMAZING puddle to play in? Bring on the germs.

Still, the thought of nasty germs prevails, and Bean got a nice organic soapy bath.

Running Update: Had to race against the gym childcare closing this afternoon so I only ran 3 miles. On the bright side it was the fastest pace I have run since Tadpole. As for the pull-ups, I did one with a 50 weight assist, which I am proud of ( I blame my butt for my difficulties) and 10 more on 70. This goal of doing a pull-up before the end of the year is really important to me. I joke around that when I accomplish this I am going to do one in the middle of the gym like all the show off guys, but it is really so much more than that. This pull-up is going to make me feel strong enough for anything.

* Treadmills so I can run at noon in Florida
* My friend Renie for always knowing how to make me smile
* Bean for saying as Tadpole is screaming in his carseat "Tadpole needs milk Mommy." So pleased that in my house it isn't he needs a bottle. My sons are going to be breastfeeding advocates!!!!
* delicious fattening white pizza
* A super adorable hand me down skirt that I am definitely wearing tomorrow
* Phil and his help with small business matters- if u are reading this, I promise the poop story on Monday (everyone else has been warned).Pin It


  1. YESSS and you followed through with your promise!

  2. There is a delay on the other promise, but it's coming....