Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday David!

There were no posts the past two days because I took the boys on a road trip to visit my parents. Driving 10 hours straight with two small children is exhausting, but surprisingly the trip was uneventful and here we are!
I met David when I was 15 at our yoga center. When I was 17, he was in the first yoga class I ever taught  and the only students I remember in the class where David and Jack. The class was rather uneventful, and at the end, Jack had no problem telling me everything I did incorrectly and everything I forgot. David on the other hand told me what a wonderful job I did and what a beautiful young woman I was.

I volunteered my time teaching the gentle class off and on for 6 years. During my first year David used to come with his wife. I would watch him set up his mat and towel for himself and his wife's identical mat and towel. When his wife passed, I watched as he came alone, same mat, same towel, but now it was only him. I had begun to have a very special place in my heart for David by this time, and I was worried for him. If I knew David the way I know him now, I would've known that there was absolutely nothing to worry about. David is not a survivor, but rather a lover of life and because of that I am certain David will be living life up until the moment he dies.
When I was 36 weeks pregnant with Bean, it became apparent that my days of volunteer teaching would need to be put on hold, as I started a new role as a Mother. This is when my relationship with David really grew into the friendship it is today. We began to spend afternoons together and meals and that is when you really get to know someone.
David was born to Jewish Eastern European immigrants in Brooklyn in the back of their store. The second son of three boys. He was a navigator in WWII. He was awarded a purple heart. He was married shortly after the war. He has a son and a daughter. He was in the supermarket business. He moved to Florida when he retired. I believe there isn't much we both don't know about each other's lives, but that isn't what I love the most about David. What I love most, is his attitude towards life and his amazingly warm heart.
David has truly grown wise as he has grown old. He has learned from his experiences and continues to learn every day. He is honest about his mistakes, but doesn't hold onto them. David doesn't get stuck, he keeps getting up every morning and growing. David truly knows what it means to be human and revels in the human experience. He loves company, and good conversation. He has taught me more in one afternoon, than I have learned in all my years of schooling.
When I tell people one of my best friends is 90, they think I am crazy. They ask me "what do you talk about?" Well, there isn't anything David doesn't know about me, and anything is open for conversation. One of the greatest gifts David has given me is how well he listens. People today don't listen anymore. When I call David he says to me "Oh Megan how are you my dear, hold on let me stop what I am doing and get comfortable." Then he says "Go ahead, tell me how you really are." He always means it and you know he is always listening. David never tells me what to do and he never judges.

David is so extraordinary with his ability to adapt with the times and expand his knowledge. He is always looking to have a new human experience. When I told him I was having my second son at home, he asked if he could come to the birth as he had never seen a birth. He wasn't caught up about my home birth like many others were. As he said "I was born at home, what's the big deal?" He would call up all the time and offer to cut the umbilical cord if he could come. How many 89 year old men are volunteering for that? Especially seeing as during the majority of his lifetime, men were not present for birth? I regret to say, I wasn't courageous enough to let him over for my birth, but if I am ever blessed with another child, David will certainly be invited.

I am saddened that I can not be with David today to celebrate his birthday. I think I have been looking forward to this day more than he has. I called him this morning to let him know I was in another state and to wish him a Happy Birthday. If he was disappointed he never let it show. He knows if I am not there, there is a really good reason for it, of course he knows this reason too.
On his birthday, he took the time to remind me how wonderful and courageous I am. I can not tell you how much that meant to me, especially this morning. I told him when I am 90 maybe then he can call me wonderful and courageous . What he said next, is exactly what I love about David. He said to me "When you are 90 maybe I will be reincarnated into a young man and you can return the favor." I could only be so blessed to enjoy David's company in the Winter of my life. I believe the friendship I have with David is one of the greatest gifts God has given me. Happy Birthday David you truly inspire me!

David and Bean 86 years and 8 months difference

David and Tadpole 89 years and 3 months

Gratitude List
* David and his friendship
* My Mom
* Time to run
* Britta and her warm heart
* New friends I have recently been blessed with

Running: Ran 3 miles tonight, was too tired from yesterday's drive to go any farther.

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