Saturday, June 23, 2012

This puny little bicep...

Seeing as it is Saturday, and therefore a work day for  Rock, this post exists. I think my new favorite day in the gym is back and biceps. See, I loathe(hate is just too kind of a word) my arms.  No matter how much I work on them, they look undefined and just fat in pictures, but I have found something to love about them; they are STRONG, whether they look it or not. Below is a pic of Rock's left bicep(see pic on the right just in case you thought that was my hairy armpit) and I apologize for the shadow over the top of his big muscles made by his hand in the sun, but I couldn't actually ask him to pose for this post! To the left is my puny little bicep. So why do I love back and bicep day.... because this puny little bicep KICKS Rock's muscular man bicep into the ground on back and bicep day. So those puny little biceps are only lifting 5 pounds less than those massive man biceps when we are doing dumbbell curls. That's right only a 5 pound difference, and seeing as I weigh 40 pounds less than my hubby, I say I WIN. And no it isn't beneath me to pick on him in the gym  as we near the end of our workout, or on my blog. 

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