Saturday, June 9, 2012

Last Day of Preschool- Teacher gifts

Wow! Bean graduated from preschool on Wednesday. Time really flies!! This year, I emotionally had trouble enough dropping him off for half day preschool; I am not ready for Kindergarten. I am not ready at all, but Bean is. Bean can't wait. His speech therapist, her assistant, and his preschool teacher were all amazing this year, and I really wanted to make them something special. I came across this idea on pinterest from Mariah over at  Giggles Galore with great instructions.  I changed a few things and will describe below. I made 3 of these and spent $10 total. I already had some supplies at home, but I am sure you can do this for about $8 a piece if you have to buy everything needed. 

Supplies List
1.  plant/flowers 
2. terra cotta pot
3. primer( I used white paint)
4. paint-yellow and black 
5. chalkboard paint-Martha Stewart has already made chalkboard paint in her line at Michaels, but I made my own following the instructions from A Beautiful Mess Really easy to do and then you can make any color you want!

6. Paint Pen - Mariah painted her lines and numbers by hand and suggested using a regular sharpie to her followers. I used a sharpie water based paint extra fine point pen. They are awesome. I get mine at Michaels with a 40% off coupon. I used them on my bellycasts and all sorts of project and No, I don't have a big enough following for someone to pay me to say this haha 
7. chalk
8. paint brushes
9. tape-I used painter's tape

 Bean's graduation ceremony 

Regular Terra Cotta pot. These are so inexpensive.

I primed the pot with white paint because that is what I had. Primer would be a better idea because  of how porous they are.  

                                          Then I painted the rim yellow.

Next, I Made my chalkboard paint and painted the rest of with black chalkboard paint.

Then I taped down the measuring tape using painter's tape so not to mess up the yellow paint. taping it to the bottom like the picture shown only worked so well. I got better results with my lines when I taped the measuring tape around the top and taped from the inside of the pot. I didn't take a picture of that unfortunately. 

Finally, I took the paint pen and marked my lines and number, then I  slated the chalkboard paint surface (instructions in the DIY tutorial for chalkboard paint in supplies list), and  took white chalk and wrote "Thank you for helping me grow.) I used Pentas b/c in Florida they do quite well in the very hot and humid weather. 

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