Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This blog just went down the toilet before it was ever noticed.

Rock and I have been married for 6 years. For some of my readers that is nothing, but for us I assure you this is nothing short of a miracle. To say our marriage has been through a lot, is an understatement! So I am starting to get seriously concerned about my hubby's sanity. He really is a great guy, and I am wondering if he has simply suffered some sort of brain damage. I have tried a number of things and it just isn't working. I am so frustrated! 

What is this crazy woman talking about? I will show you.

Exhibit A. My Toilet: See anything wrong with this picture? Besides the fact that I posted a picture of my toilet on the internet(the question wasn't what is wrong with this person).

Exhibit B: This is a picture of the pretty little sign I made for my toilet.

  This is a picture of the sign up close. Too subtle?

Now before you start gossiping about how nuts I am and how I went overboard, you must undertand this just started happening suddenly. I thought it was an accident and then after 3 months of this and me asking nicely, I have decided he needs a little reminder. Fair enough right? After all, my house is 
full of the XY chromosome; 1 hubby 2 boys and 2 male dogs. I am seriously outnumbered and losing control over pretty much everything one day at a time. So I am gaining back my status of Queen of the house, one toilet seat at a time. 
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  1. I am going to do that sticky note... tho, mine might be a tad more violent. Actually, it might end up being rated R!!!