Sunday, June 24, 2012

I think I was supposed to say something...

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, The Rock worked all day yesterday, over 16 hours. By the end of the night, I was so tired everything was becoming one big blur. It rained all day yesterday and has been for days and the boys had so much energy, they were so restless and impossible to get to sleep. So by 9pm, I was beyond useless. I was just on life guard patrol, meaning making sure no one died. I perked up when I heard this conversation:

Tadpole "I want milk"

Bean "Mommy Tadpole wants your milk."

"No! I want your milk." Tadpole says to Bean

Bean, with this look on his face like he had been told the most ridiculous thing ever and gesturing at his chest and his nipples, replies, "I don't have milk! I am not a Mommy. If I made milk, my boobies would be really fat(as he smooshes his chest together) because the milk would  fill them up all big and fat."

Was I supposed to interject anything here of great importance, or am I raising boys who will become healthy young men extremely supportive of  breastfeeding, or should I be offended about my really big and fat milk filled breasts?? Seeing as I always have something to say, even when I shouldn't,  the one time I probably should not have kept my mouth shut, I was just too tired to even entertain any of that.

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