Thursday, December 12, 2013

Feel Free to Call Me... Bubble Girl

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Today was supposed to be catch up day. Rock was home recovering from a throat infection after being at an urgent care facility all late afternoon yesterday, and I had no doctor appointments scheduled, so I had plans to finish some great posts I really want to share with you all, straighten up around my house, and finish the rest of Bean's birthday stuff.

Well, those plans were obviously not on THE agenda, just on my very hopeful agenda. So, because I am determined to keep this blog active, I am instead posting about what happened today. I thought I was off to a good start, cleaning the baseboards and trying to get the nursery together. We are a little behind with all of this after how sick I was.  Wren sleeps with us anyway, so she isn't in a hurry to have a room for sleeping purposes, but who knew, that when you have a baby girl all the amazing amounts of precious little girl clothes!

So, apparently I am very allergic to dust and dust mites. That's a little hard to avoid, and after emptying my office all out to turn into her room and cleaning, I started feeling bad. I have never had anything like this happen, until this past year and it has only occurred when I had bronchitis. But, my airways started becoming compromised. I have had a lot of bizarre health issues in my life, but this whole thing where you can't breathe-not cool.

Breathing is my stress reduction, after practicing yoga for 15 years and teaching for 13, I can hear myself in my head when I am trying to de-stress; "Inhaaaaaalllllle.........exhaaaaaallllleeee." Yeah well doesn't work in this situation very well.

It is scary!

I am new at this and even with nursing training very novice about what to do, my triggers, and my early symptoms. I don't even have asthma per se, the allergist so far is saying I am having bronchospasms caused by an allergic response.

Let's just say all of this does not help reduce stress and anxiety, and I am so empathetic to all the people out there with asthma especially children.

 Luckily, my allergist is pretty awesome.  He is an old school doctor, wears his lab coat and everything. He actually takes care of you in his office. None of this go to the ER for everything while I cover my ass crap! No, he comes from a different time.

He gave me another steroid injection but at least this time it isn't in the ER with way more drugs than my body really needs, and I am thankful for that. So for my goals for the rest of the year, I managed to stay out of the ER,  As for the prednisone, well he didn't give me prednisone but another corticosteroid so that is pretty close to failing, but I am breathing much easier.

So where can I get a script that forbids me from cleaning my house for medical reasons? Also, where do you go about contacting fairies that come to your house and clean it all up while you are gone? My children and husband believe in this said fairy. If you believe you receive, isn't it that time of year?

"I believe in the house cleaning fairy!"

" I believe.....

 I believe.... clicking my heels three times for good measure.

Now, if I will be living my life in a bubble, can it have unicorns, butterflies, oh and hypoallergenic magic cleaning fairies?

I believe, but most of all I am so thankful for breathing.

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