Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sleep Deprivation, Chronic Illness, and Making Light of It All

Sleep deprivation and chronic illness  are both a bitch, combine the two and you get some crazy outcomes.

 I spend a great deal of time in doctors' offices these days while they search for what caused all the bizarre health issues during my pregnancy.

Fun times.

So... I try and make them light and fun.

Many times, it is my only opportunity to have two free hands, so I make use of this time. I was texting people about life, get togethers I had to reschedule, and even my son's teacher to let him know he was sick.

One of my friends texted me "What are you up to?'

Thinking I was being all hilarious, I replied with this picture  and the caption "torture what else"

My phone fell out of my pocket when it was brand new onto my driveway and the glass shattered the entire screen, so I stopped adding contact info to it, and so I  text a lot of people old school style with the numbers by memory and I had been texting so many people, I couldn't find her number so I started typing it in.

Well, so I have discovered, sleep deprivation makes this task a little more challenging. So here I am texting a picture of 17 needles and implying some torturous activity is taking place and I press send, and then realize when my friend texts me again and her number pops up, that I didn't send that photo to her and rather I sent it to a COMPLETE stranger!

I stop and think about this for a moment.."What would I do if I received this message?" I am not really sure. Then I think what if the person is completely paranoid, so I try and make it better...

"My son FWD a text my apologies"

Yes, a little white lie but, children sometimes come in handy and it was easier than trying to explain anything else.

Then I realize "oh crap, that just made it worse. Now they might be thinking I am torturing the child with the needles."

So I quickly write back "It is a pic from the allergist."

I never heard back from this poor soul early Tuesday morning.  If you are out there, sorry Tuesday morning stranger for the startling text. By the way, those needles don't actually hurt.

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