Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Year's Goals, More Important (at least in my mind) Where Have I Been??

So instead of New Year's resolutions, I have made New Year's goals. I know I am blogging about this late, but I am going on 30 days of being sick...

And, that is where this blog post ended last January, along with all of the goals I had in my head.

So where have I been?

 I guess the simple answer is sick, pregnant, sick + pregnant, and sick some more, in that order.

I have spent more time confined to the four walls of my bedroom than I ever wanted to and ever want to again. I do prefer my room over doctors' offices, hospital rooms, and most of all the Emergency Department (hate that place). I must be fair and acknowledge that the five trips I took to the ED this year were all great experiences.  I am extremely grateful for the awesome nurses(some of whom I know personally) and doctors in the ED, that took really awesome care of me.

The one very awesome update, is we welcomed our beautiful daughter into this world in October. She is healthy and definitely made this all worthwhile!

So... I may not have felt well enough physically and mentally to post anything that was worth reading, I am here now and aren't all 4 of you so excited to have me back?

I did feel well enough to watch every episode of Call The Midwife -so want to read the books, and I  became a HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) follower, to the extreme. Not sure I should even admit on here that I never saw an episode in my life before this year, and am totally caught up and I don't watch tv ever!

 I did have time to make some awesome crafty things- I  had a great deal of help from my mother when I just didn't feel well enough to make the things in my head. So get ready for a lot of creation posts.

I will most likely be posting a lot about my experiences over this past year and what is going on now. You can follow all of it when you open up my blog or just specifically under my Life Uncensored tab.

If you come here only to look at the awesome crafty creations/crap, (depending on your interpretation) I make, skip on over to My Creations. All the awesome stuff I made sick will be up soon and some new stuff; my baby needs her own beach cottage snowman.

If you only come here to read about my exercise endeavors, I'll get there eventually. Putting the slipcovers on the couch did me in yesterday, but it is better than when I couldn't stand for more than a couple of minutes. I will warn you now, the first thing I am posting under Warrior Woman, will be about my daughter's birth, because there is nothing I have ever done more warrior woman style than bring her into the world. Hopefully my awesome weight training/ gym rat days are coming soon!

Now for those New Year's goals, let's just call them end of the year goals now, and severely modified, but better late than never. For the rest of the year I would like to stay out of the Emergency Department, off of prednisone, and enjoy my newest lil Rock and the rest of my family. Everything else is extra credit at this point! Happy December everyone, feeling so blessed to feel well enough to write again!

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