Monday, December 23, 2013

Santa Magic

I guess you could say, it  has been very hectic around here this December. How about we all agree now, that we have been very behind this holiday season. At least we have an awesome excuse, Wren.  The people that matter will understand...

Unless of course, the people that matter are 4 and 7 and still believe in magic...

The boys have decided that they want pokemon figurines for Christmas. Pokemons that don't exist as figurines or are really rare and difficult to acquire. 

"Which Pokemons do you want boys?"

"The dragon types. You know, the green one with the three heads.  I don't remember his name."

"No, no I don't know that one and I don't think they have that one at the store."

"That doesn't matter Mommy, Santa will make it."

Tadpole from the third row "Santa doesn't make the toys, his elves do!"

"That's what I meant Tadpole! Santa will tell his elves to make them. He is magic, he can figure it out."

Um... I'll update you all on how Christmas morning goes.

At least we made it to see Santa right?!?

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1 comment:

  1. Maybe Boogie can find it for them, and bring it after Santa comes ;)