Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hydrangea Belly Cast

Many of you have seen this before, but trying to keep up with two blogs right now is just not practical.  I have decided to share my belly casting endeavors on this blog as well. So for everyone that is new and did not know, I am a belly caster. I figured it would only be fair to start from the beginning and this was my first attempt at making a belly cast. It is my own, so I had some help from my hubby.  I created this during my second pregnancy in the Summer  of 2009. We did this cast the last few weeks of my pregnancy and this is how my belly casting endeavors began. If you are interested in having a belly cast done, you can contact me at  and also feel free to like my facebook page affiliated with my doula and belly casting business so you can keep up with all my latest information about pregnancy, belly casting, birthing, breastfeeding, mothering and beyond! 

This belly cast is now hanging in the office of my home where I created other casts for women.

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