Friday, January 3, 2014

Florida Cold Front

I know it is extremely cold in many parts of the country today. The kind of cold this self proclaimed Floridian can not even fathom. Anything below 50 is unpleasant for me. I am the happiest when it is 75.  I haven't lived in a place with snow since I was nine. When you are nine or younger, snow is simply nothing but fun. I do not know the first thing about living, driving, or dealing with snow as an adult, so I have relinquished my New Yorker title and just refer to myself as a Floridian.

 Anyway, we experienced this "cold front" today too. The low was 61 and the high was 75. I must say I love the kind of weather we had today, but I am still out of sorts today because my parents went home.  Life is just not the same around here without the Nonnie aka my mother. She is seriously better than if we had a real life Mary Poppins.  So while this blogger doesn't have much to say tonight, Wren  will entertain all of you that are snowed-in with her cuteness. 

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