Monday, January 27, 2014

Rock's Birthday

The past week and a half has been incredibly busy. Rock celebrated his 31st birthday and we had an awesome time celebrating at home. We made him a bunch of awesome birthday gifts, cooked him dinner, and baked him a white cake with buttercream frosting, his favorite. I am not sure if it is even worth making white cake from scratch. I haven't tasted one I thought was amazing and the boys agree too as they asked several times why we couldn't have a chocolate cake instead.

The best part of the evening, was the eco wish lantern. Everyone needs to get one and try it. They are so inexpensive and really made his birthday memorable this year. I had originally purchased it to light into the night sky the day of Wren's birth, but after I had to birth in the hospital, this just wasn't possible. So we all went out into the chilly air, made wishes, and watched as the lantern floated up into the night sky. The photos aren't great because I took them with my phone and was  savoring the experience with my family, but it was truly magical. 

This is one of the homemade gifts the boys made. I got the inspiration from pinterest and then modified them to make them more personable for our family. 

Finally here is a sneak peek of the gift Wren gave to Daddy. It isn't quite finished and I will be sure to show you all the final product in the near future, but I couldn't resist showing you her adorableness! 

So if all of that above isn't a good enough reason for why I have not been blogging every day, we are also in the process of applying to private school for the boys, I am planning my girlfriend's baby shower, I have still going to lovely doctor appointments, Wren needs to have a helmet made for her head (OH MY are those things EXPENSIVE!) because instead of having flat head syndrome the back of her skull is protruding outwards too much ( medical terminology created by yours truly), and of course all the regular day to day stuff a mom of three kids endures! 

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