Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Eight Years, Anteaters, and a Honey Badger

Today is our 8 year wedding anniversary, and the cold weather is quickly bringing back memories of our wedding day... It was the coldest day of the year, and we were barefoot on the beach, happy as can be. I am not sure our guests felt the same way, as they stood out there and froze.

We were 22 years old and thought we knew what we were getting ourselves into... Happily Ever After (duh), and we were right. We even had the horses.

People say marriage is the hardest job you will ever have. I might suggest the job of being a mother trumps it, but both are seriously challenging. I took on both roles in less than one year. 

They also suggest the earliest years are the most challenging (I always want to meet these "they" people), but this time I will take this suggestion and feel accomplished that we are quickly headed towards the double digits of wedded bliss.

So instead of a romantic date, we spent the day and evening like normal awesome Rock family days. We took kids to and from school, went to physical therapy, assisted with homework, went to cub scouts, my sister-in-law came to visit and got children into bed.  That might sound boring but it is never boring around here. It was chilly for Florida this morning, so Tadpole dressed appropriately.

 While I was away at physical therapy today, Tadpole out of the blue looked at Rock and said "Daddy does an anteater's nose look like a penis?"

Rock did not understand him the first time and said "what did you say?"


"I still don't understand what you are trying to say."

"You are not listening to me. You don't get it!!" Tadpole was now seriously frustrated.

"Did you possibly just ask if an anteater's nose looked like a penis?"

"Yes Daddy!!!!"

"Well I guess it sort of does, Tadpole"

Who needs romantic dates when you've got this sort of entertainment, and it just got better. Bean started writing his story for school and decided to write about a trip to Africa and a honey badger. I could not stop laughing because of the "honey badger doesn't give a shit".

"Mommy why are you laughing."

"It is not at you Bean. I love your story. I will tell you when you are a bigger."

"But I am a big boy!"

"No Bean, much much older."

I still managed to make Rock a card for our anniversary with our song and everything. He also bought me an awesome gift, a violin. So, eight years and three kids later, Rock is going grey, I have a lot more wrinkles, Rock is a lot more serious, and I am sure I have lost my mind. We have had a great deal of rough times, struggles, and stress, but I am happy we jumped on this wagon young, na├»ve, and ready to take on this challenge. We have created a beautiful family and a wonderful crazy life. Happy Anniversary Babe and thanks for always editing and reading my posts. 

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